NASHVILLE- Metro Council member Steve Glover has filed a nonbinding resolution requesting that the Metro School Board refrain from taking any action regarding Dr. Shawn Joseph’s employment contract as MNPS Director until the Tennessee Board of Education concludes its consideration of pending suspension recommendations.

“With only two months left in the school year,” the former Metro School Board member said, “all the urgency to fire the director before the state’s report comes back seems premature. We all need to chill out and figure out which of the allegations actually stick after the investigation is done. It’s called due process.”

Dr. Joseph has said he will not ask to extend his contract, which expires in 2020.

Glover, who is seeking one of five at-large seats on the Metro Council this year also addressed Mayor David Briley’s comments Friday in which he said, "I will use all my legal authority to influence the school board functions from this day forward," noting that this would be the board's "last chance."

“The Mayor seems to need another reminder that we have multiple branches of government around here,” Glover said. “Any attempts to commandeer control of the school board’s operations or finances are way out of line and out of order. The Mayor has absolutely no authority under state law to do so, and his threats are unnecessary and counterproductive. 
Briley needs to back off.”

Glover, who works as a financial advisor, formerly served on the Metro board of education as chair of Budget and Finance, helping steer the system through the most challenging fiscal crisis it has ever faced. Since 2011 Glover has represented District 12 on the Metro Council where he chairs the Education Committee and serves on Budget and Finance, Affordable Housing, and Planning and Zoning.